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The York Invaders would like to wish you good health and great success this upcoming season.


For those of you who are interested in exploring the possibility of one day playing college level lacrosse, we would strongly recommend that in the next five to six weeks, and certainly before the Invader Tournament Season begins in June, to the extent that you have not begun to do so already, you should be contacting colleges where you may be interested in playing.  You should do so by going onto each of the respective colleges' women's lacrosse webpages and filling out their prospect recruitment form and also by writing a personalized email or letter to the coaches informing them of your interest in their school and advising them of your 2022 Club tournament schedule. This is very important because college coaches who attend these tournaments come to the tournaments to look for players who have contacted them and are on their lists, not to simply look for players who “stand out.”  You should also have a parent take video of you playing this spring and summer as the majority of college coaches will ask for video of you playing. The more you contact these Coaches and show your interest the better your chances.


With the new recruiting limitations imposed on DI and DII schools last year, which prohibit those schools from contacting you before September 1 of your Junior year, there is a lot more uncertainty as to where you stand with those size schools before your Junior year.  Nonetheless, because those schools are making lists for themselves and because DIII schools don’t have the same limitations on when they can contact you, we strongly suggest that starting as rising Freshmen and all the way through to your rising Senior year you remain diligent in contacting these coaches and don’t be frustrated if you don’t hear from them immediately.


We realize that this is a daunting task as you may not have no idea about your future college plans at this time, but if you have Division I aspirations, this will force you to begin getting focused earlier.


Also, if there are schools that you are truly interested in, attending a camp that they put on during the summer or fall is always a good idea, but you should do so in conjunction with contacting the colleges coaches through other means as suggested above.  Simply paying for and attending numerous college camps with the hopes of getting noticed is generally not the best way to proceed, nor is attending camps at schools that send out blanket mailings for their camps.  You should be selective in attending camps at schools that you are generally interested in and with whom you have previously contacted.


If you have any additional questions or need any recommendations, please contact your Club head coaches.  Several of the Coaches including Coach Rob Linthicum, Coach Ray Black, and Coach Steve Marshner have been through the process numerous times and have assisted numerous former Invaders and others who are now playing and succeeding at the next level.


Thank you and Continued Good Luck!!

Go Invaders!!


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